Current group personnel:
  • Daeseong Park: Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dan Carson: Graduate student
  • Liuyi Pei: Graduate student
  • Benjamin Boizelle: Graduate student
  • Daniel Sanchez: Undergraduate student
Former group members:
  • My Nguyen, Senior thesis 2011 and research assistant 2011-2012, now in the Physics and Astronomy graduate program at the University of Wyoming
  • Tuan Do, postdoctoral researcher 2011-2012, now Dunlap Fellow, University of Toronto
  • Carol Hood: Ph.D. 2011, now assistant professor at Cal State University San Bernardino
  • Jonelle Walsh: Ph.D. 2011, now NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Austin
  • Misty Bentz: Postdoc and Hubble Fellow, 2007-2010, now assistant professor at Georgia State University
  • Marc Seigar: Postdoc/Project Scientist 2004-2007, now assistant professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Ting Xiao: Visiting graduate student from USTC, China, 2008-2009, now postdoc at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
  • Hung Phan:  M.S., 2007
  • Shawn Thorman: Senior thesis, 2010
  • Adib Towfiq: Senior thesis, 2010
  • Evan Silverstein:  Senior thesis, 2007

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