Gravitation Physics Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Facilities Use Management Personnel

Roy Gephart, Project Manager, 509-371-6142.

All inquiries regarding the Gravitation Physics Laboratory (GPL), such as arranging for a private tour, should be directed to Roy Gephart. He is also the primary representative between the academic researchers and the PNNL management.    





All research activities at GPL are performed with great care and attention to personnel safety and health as well as minimal impact on the environment. Researchers are required to undergo thorough PNNL training, various operating permits are established such as mechanical lift and chemical use (such as ethanol). All waste is carefully managed whether it be hazardous, recyclable, or household.

Tedi Criscuolo,
Safety & Health Representative,

Mike Tinker, Integrated Operations System (IOPS) Administrator, 509-375-2358



Justin Slone, Field Safety Representative
509-376-7867 updated 8/12/2011