Women in Physics and Astronomy

Women in Physics & Astronomy


Mission statement

The Women in Physics & Astronomy (WiPA) group at UC Irvine is a representative body for women at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels. We strive to create a community for female physicists that fosters support through a variety of social events and outreach programs. We welcome anyone who is interested in discussing topics related to women in physics and addressing women’s issues and interests within the department.


Department statistics

Female undergraduates (Applied Physics + Physics): 20% (national average for physics in 2017: 21%)

Female grads: 21% (national average for physics in 2017: 18%)

Female postdocs: 29% (national average for physics in 2010: 16%)

Female faculty members: 18% (national average for physics in 2010: 14%)


Core activities

Undergraduate Mentorship Program 

- Pairing graduate mentors with undergraduate mentees to share their experiences and offer advice and support

Quarterly socials

- Hosting quarterly events where all members of the department are invited to meet WiPA members and learn about the group

External outreach

- Organizing activities and workshops for middle and high school girls

Journal Club

- Leading group discussions for all graduate students on articles or papers that address the climate in physics and/or the status of women or other underrepresented minorities in physics

Guest speakers

- Inviting female physicists and astronomers to discuss their research at department seminars/colloquia, as well as other individuals who can speak to topics relating to the representation of women and minorities in STEM fields



Website: https://clubs.uci.edu/womeninphysics/ 

Facebook: Women in Physics & Astronomy at UCI

If you have questions or would like to join our mailing list, you can email us at: uciwomeninphysics@gmail.com