Summer Programs

Participation in a UCI summer program

UCI has organized research programs for undergraduates that provide financial support as well as mentoring and guidance on applying to graduate school. Application deadlines for summer programs are generally in winter or spring quarter. Programs include:

Summer research programs at other institutions

There are a great variety of summer research programs in physics at many institutions in the United States and abroad. The summer before Senior year is usually the best time to take part in a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Most of these programs have application deadlines during the winter, and it's up to you to identify which programs you're interested in applying to, and to make sure that you submit an application by the posted deadline. Admission to these programs can be very competitive, so take the time to prepare a complete and well-written application to optimize your chances of being admitted.

More information and listings of REU programs in physics and astronomy can be found on these sites: