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Meetings are held from 8-10pm at the UCI Observatory.

Meeting Dates This Quarter Are:

 Friday, Oct 18

 Friday, Nov 1

 Friday, Nov 15

 Possibly Dec 13, after Finals Week or field trip to Griffith Observatory in LA (TBD)

Upcoming Special Events:

Visitor Night at the Observatory
Saturday, June 21, 2014
8 - 10 pm


We meet usually every two weeks on Friday nights at the UCI Observatory to explore the night sky with telescopes, learn about planets, stars, blackholes, galaxies and the Universe. Members of the club are from all majors, but all share an interest and awe in the beauty of the Universe. While the new UCI Observatory is under construction, we will be meeting in Aldrich Park with our portable telescopes near the School of Physical Sciences. On rainy or cloudy nights, we may meet instead in the Astrophysics Conference Room (FRH Room 2139). Please email the Email & Web Master to join, and you'll receive email list notices about upcoming meetings.  Feel free to contact any of the current officers for more information. Check out the Astronomy Club at UCI on Facebook, too.

The founding members of the Astronomy Club from 1997.

The founding members of the Astronomy Club at UCI  (Summer 1997). Photo courtesy of T. Smecker-Hane.

Astro Club 2008

Astro Club Members: Carol Tsai, Kevin, Jacob Slagle, Jennifer Taylor, Eric Richard, and Frank Avedo (2008). Photo courtesy of Eric Richard.

Fun with a Green Laser Pointer

How much fun can you have with a green laster pointer? Photo courtesy of Eric Richard.

The Night Sky at Mt. Pinos from an
Astronomy Club field trip in 2002.

The night sky at Mount Pinos north of Los Angeles, during an Astronomy Club trip (2002). Photo courtesy of Loren Chang.

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