ATV Credits.

Written (mostly) and maintained by Aaron Barth, UC Irvine

Several people have contributed important code, suggestions, and bug fixes to ATV over the years:

ATV could not exist without the IDL Astronomy User's Library, which is maintained at NASA GSFC by Wayne Landsman.  All astronomers who use IDL owe Wayne a huge debt of gratitude for the time and effort he's put into writing and updating these routines.  Thanks Wayne!

Craig Markwardt wrote the postscript formatting program, which is a great tool, and he's got lots of other really useful IDL software on his web site too.

As of version 3.0, ATV now relies on the graphics capabilities of the Coyote Graphics library written by David Fanning. This is really useful stuff and I highly recommend that IDL users check it out.

I've gotten a lot of good advice on IDL programming from Ken Goldberg.

I contributed a poster paper about ATV to the ADASS meeting in November 2000.  The online version can be found at and the reference for the published version is 

Barth, A. J. 2001, in ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X, eds. F. R. Harnden, Jr., F. A. Primini, & H. E. Payne (San Francisco: ASP), 385

If you have found a use for ATV, or a modified version of it, as part of an "official" data reduction pipeline or as quick-look software for a particular instrument or telescope (for facility-wide use rather than just for yourself as an individual), or for educational use like an undergraduate lab course, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a note and let me know.  Eventually I'd like to include links to external projects that are using ATV, and this will help to justify the time that I and others have spent on writing the software.  Also, if you have a web page for a project that includes ATV, please include a link to the ATV home page:

Development and maintenance of ATV was supported by NSF grants AST-0548198 (2006-2011) and AST-1108835 (2011-2014).

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