Surface Plasmon Resonace

Surface plasmon resonace allows real time analysis of biomolecular interactions. This powerpoint presentation provides a brief introduction to the Biacore technology.

The facility houses Biacore3000 instrument.

Calendar (please find an opening and request instrument time by email)

Additional information is available on the facilty wiki

Rates (new rates become effective July 1st 2008)
Operator services $ 100.00 / day in addition to rates shown below
Use by pre-trained user (Campus) Free(*) till Jan. 1st 2009, $ 70.00 / day thereafter
Limited Training (Campus) Free till Jan. 1st 2009, $ 70.00 / day thereafter
Off-campus users $ 250/ day
Replacement Chips(**) $ 150.00 ea (CM4, CM5)
(*) - cost of consumable materials is not included with the promotional arrangement; offer open to UCI campus users only
(**) - chips ordered by facility are resold at manufacturer price