Students from our group go on to a wide range of careers depending on their interests. While many undergraduates move on to graduate school, some have stayed to work in Southern California. Ph.D. graduates have the widest range of opportunities, which include positions as academic postdocs, at national laboratories, or in industry across a range of technology fields. The following list notes where students worked upon graduation.

Group Alumni Graduate Students:
Jill Pestana (MS '15)
Patrick Sims (PhD '15) - employed at SPAWAR
Max Akhterov (PhD '15) - employed at Scanadu Inc.
Elliot Fuller (PhD '15) - postdoc at Sandia National Labs
Tolga Gul (PhD '14) - Asst. Professor at Gazi University
Deng Pan (PhD '14) - employed at NanoMedical Diagnostics Inc.
Brad Corso (PhD '13) - employed at Google
Tatyana Sheps (PhD '12) - employed at Advanced Materials
Danny Wan (PhD '12) - employed at Intel
Steve Hunt (PhD '11) - employed at AKELA Inc.
Bucky Khalap (PhD '10) - employed at DRS Sensors & Targeting
Alex Kane (PhD '10) - employed at Carbonics Inc.
Brett Goldsmith (PhD '08) - co-founder of Nanomedical Diagnostics, Inc.
Derek Kingrey (MS '05) - employed at DRS Sensors & Targeting
Nathan Emmott (MS '04) - employed at NCSoft Interactive

Dr. Denys Marushchak (2015-16)
Dr. Tetyana Ignatova (2014-16)
Dr. Yongki Choi (2010-14)
Dr. Israel Perez (2009-11)
Dr. John Coroneus (2009)
Dr. Jaan Mannik (2005-06)
Dr. Yuwei Fan (2004-05)

Recent Undergraduates:
Arith Rajapakse '14 - grad school at Cal State Long Beach
Dean Lalap '14
Jose Gomez '13
Ashkan Paykar '12 - grad school at Cal State Long Beach
Robert Lord '11 - grad school at Rensselaer
William van Kirk '11
Steve Denning '10
Adam Chan '10 - grad school at UCSC
Phuc Hoang '10 - grad school at UCLA
Phillip Haralson '09
Sahil Gandhi '09 - grad school at UCI
Colin Mann '07 - Aerospace Corporation
Kevin Loutherback '06 - grad school at Princeton
Fatima Alim '06 - grad school at UCI
Omar Khatib '05 - grad school at UCSD
Jorge Guerra '05