Research projects in our group are highly interdisciplinary, drawing on techniques in materials synthesis, physical chemistry, semiconductor fabrication, electron microscopy, and precision electronic measurement. Graduate students in the group experience all of these technologies, and build expertise in one or more areas to pursue an independent research project. Come visit our laboratories to see it all work together!

Group Laboratories Location: 1120 and 1126 FRH
Phone: 949-824-3315

Mailing Address
Department of Physics and Astronomy
4129 Frederick Reines Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-4576

Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr. Wonbae Lee
Dr. Mina Baghgar Bostan Abad
Dr. Narendra Kumar
Open postdoctoral positions in Single Molecule Electronics


Calvin Lau, Mackenzie Turvey, and Arith Rajapakse, with collaborators Mariam Iftikhar and Rebekah Dyer from the Weiss research group

None at present

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List of Group Alumni