Research projects in our group are highly interdisciplinary, drawing on techniques in materials synthesis, physical chemistry, semiconductor fabrication, electron microscopy, and precision electronic measurement. Graduate students in the group experience all of these technologies, and build expertise in one or more areas to pursue an independent research project. Come visit our laboratories to see it all work together!

Join the Group! Contact Prof. Collins about participating in ongoing research.

Postdocs One postdoctoral position is open immediately. See current postings at the UCI jobs website. Experience with carbon nanotubes is always helpful, but we look for strong experimental skills in areas that match our new or developing projects.

Graduate Students Each year, the Collins research group adds one or two graduate students from among the incoming and 1st-year graduate students. Physics, Chemistry, and other ChaMP students are encouraged to meet with Prof. Collins.

Undergraduates Undergraduates should take advantage of the research opportunities surrounding them at UCI. These positions can provide training in hands-on skills, help you decide what to do after graduation, and lead to senior thesis work. Sophomores and juniors are preferred, so get involved early!

Prospective Graduate Students If you are interested in our research, please consider applying to one of UCI's Ph.D. programs. The application deadline is typically in January. In early spring, a new group of Ph.D. students is invited to join UCI each September. Interested students should apply directly with a department, and then can interview for our research group after being admitted to UCI.