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Single-Molecule Lysozyme Dynamics Monitored by an Electronic Circuit
Y. Choi, I.S. Moody, P.C. Sims, S.R. Hunt, B.L. Corso, G.A. Weiss & P.G. Collins, Science 335, 319-24 (2012).

Monitoring Single Molecule Reactivity on a Carbon Nanotube
B.R. Goldsmith, J.G. Coroneus, A.A. Kane, G.A. Weiss & P.G. Collins, Nano Lett. 8, 189-94 (2008).

Conductance-Controlled Point Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
B.R. Goldsmith, J.G. Coroneus, V.R. Khalap, A.A. Kane, G.A. Weiss & P.G. Collins, Science 315, 77-81 (2007).

Identifying and Counting Point Defects in Carbon Nanotubes
Y. Fan, B.R. Goldsmith & P.G. Collins, Nature Materials 4, 906-11 (2005).

Engineering Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube Circuits Using Electrical Breakdown
P.G. Collins, M.S. Arnold & Ph. Avouris, Science 292, 706-9 (2001).

Extreme Oxygen Sensitivity of Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
P.G. Collins, K. Bradley, M. Ishigami & A. Zettl, Science 287, 1801-4 (2000).

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