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Compass Array Parallel Lasers and Lens Spectrum

Michael Faraday "The best experiments are simple and on a large scale, and their workings are obvious to the audience. The worst experiment is one in which something happens inside a box, and the audience is told that if a pointer moves, the lecturer has very cleverly produced a marvelous effect. Audiences love simple experiments and, strangely enough, it is often the advanced scientist who is most delighted by them."
- Michael Faraday

Lecture Demonstrations

Welcome to the UCI Physics and Astronomy Department’s Lecture Demonstration Program. We maintain a vast catalogue of over 300 different demonstrations organized by topic/subtopic/subject and ready for use in your classroom or lecture hall. You can use lecture demos to:

  • Improve students' conceptual understanding in your class.
  • Visually ground abstract physics concepts and descriptions with concrete physical examples.
  • Boost students' interaction, excitement, and engagement.

As an example:

Order Now!

To order your first set of demos, just send us the names of the demonstrations you would like and the dates you would like them. We will take care of the rest and, if at all possible, we will even deliver and pick them up directly from your classroom or attached storage room. Please review the Ordering Demonstrations page of our website for more detailed information regarding accessing and requesting lecture demonstrations. 

If you haven't already, please feel free to contact us, Ben (avilab1@uci.edu, 949-824-7188) or Ferdi (ferdib@uci.edu, 949-824-8094) if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to working with you this quarter and hope that together we can make your class inspiring, exciting and enlightening!

Other Classroom Support

Most classrooms and lecture halls have been converted into Smart Classrooms, containing a PC, VHS/DVD deck, and an AMX touch-panel that controls everything from audio-visual resurces to the room lights. For more information and assistance with classroom technology and special audio-visual equipment please visit Classroom Technology Support. For assistance with course development and web-based technologies such as video and podcasting please visit the Teaching, Learning & Technology Center.

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