Software and codes used for my research and general tools. The primary language I use is python, although IDL is also an important language for any work in astronomy.


A package under (most likely, endless) development to do a wide array of astronomy and astrophysics calculations. Astropysics is pythonic and generally object-oriented in design, but has procedural functions for those who are not as familiar with object-oriented software (or just want to do a quick-and-dirty calculation). It is also carefully documented using sphinx and thus is easily useable by anyone familiar with astronomy. Additionally, it includes a number of GUI Applications to easy common astronomical tasks.

For documentation and installation directions, see the astropysics package site. To get the most recent version, visit the project page on google project hosting.


A package designed to encapsulate the process of model-fitting in a set of classes that allow very quick and easy (and powerful, when nevessary) fitting of n-dimensional datasets to an assumed model. This was developed as part of astropysics, but has since been spun-off.

For documentation and installation directions, see the pymodelfit package site. To get the most recent version, or visit the project page on bitbucket for downloads.


This was intended as a python replacement of the IRAF environment task "splot," will plans to operate as a drop-in replacement using PyRAF. It has since been superceded by the gui.spylot module in astropysics but is being left here for archival purposes.

download tar.gz


This is a simple application for keeping telescope observing logs. It can display information read from FITS file headers as well as user-supplied comments and is meant to replace (or supplement) paper regularly kept at observatories.

This is currently under heavy development, so there are currently no releases - if you want to use it, download the version control software bzr and execute the command:

bzr branch