Numerical Tools for Structure and Dynamics

The code has been developed to characterize images of bubble rafts and may be directly applicable to many other granular type systems with little or no modification..

Single images are used to compute many static properties such as polydispersity, nearest and next nearest neighbors. The dynamics include Particle Image Velocimetry and also locates T1 events occuring between frames.

The code listed is written in Matlab (tested on version 7.6 R2008a).

Download all files: foam_code.tar.gz


Additional help is available as comments within the individual programs.

Please send us an email for bug reports, clarifications, usage etc. Any useful modifications, suggestions or additions to the programs would be welcome and appreciated, and may also be included on this website. Thank you.

  Kapil Krishan

  Michael Dennin

  4129 Frederick Reines Hall
  Department of Physics and Astronomy
  University of California, Irvine
  Irvine, CA - 92697

   This work has been funded with support from Department of Energy grant DE-FG02-03ER46071.