COSMOS Astronomy & Astrophysics Cluster
Observing Schedule

Most groups will be scheduled for two nights or more at the Observatory. Some nights two groups are on the schedule, and one group will use the 24" telescope while the other group uses the 8" telescope. The groups that do not need observational data (those doing number counts of distant galaxies and computer simulations of galaxy formation & dark matter halos) are can come out on the nights listed for "All COSMOS Students" in Week 1 and 3. There are a few extra nights at the end of the term that we can use as make-up nights for those groups that experience bad weather on their scheduled nights.

When you go out to the Observatory to observe, it is your responsibility to be ready when the van leaves Middle Earth at 8pm.  It will be cold at night, so make sure to wear long pants and bring a sweatshirt/jacket.  Also, bring a flashlight and feel free to bring CD's or an MP3 player to listen to, as we can play either inside the dome. It is also your responsibility to come prepared to carry out your project: know what objects you will be observing and what data and calibration images to take. During Project Lab, your TA will help you create a schedule of the observations to be made.
Last updated Jun 24, 2014
Tammy Smecker-Hane