Mathematical Physics 212A
Fall 2017


Instructor: Sasha Chernyshev, Professor
Office: RH 310F
Phone: (949)-824-6440
Office Hours: Tuesday, 11:00--4:30pm

Recommended textbooks (relevant chapters are posted)

Recommended software

Back-up, follow-up, and/or more challenging books

Extra material

Useful Mathematica program to calculate integrals over a closed circle (center =c, radius =r) of f(z)


This course is on some of the mathematical methods used in physics,
such as complex analysis, asymptotic methods, and differential equations.

Here is a brief and rough list of topics
Here is a more detailed/realistic list of topics to be covered in the course. Links to relevant chapters of relevant texts are provided.


There will be 7(8) homework assignments, a midterm, and a final.
Homework assignments will be discussed and solved at the discussion sections.
Every student in this class will be asked to present a solution of one problem at one of those discussions.
The homework grade will be based on that presentation. Further participation in the discussions will be awarded extra credit.
The use of Mathematica is allowed for numerical verifications as well as for hints.
Analytical results should be obtained analytically.
The grade for the course will be based on:
(i) homework (20%)
(ii) midterm (30%)
(iii) final exam (50%)