Elementary Particle Theory

Physics 237B, Winter 1999

Dennis Silverman

The First Meeting will be on Monday, January 11.

Instructor Professor Dennis Silverman
Location FRH 3111
Revised Time Monday & Wednesday, 11:00-12:20
Phone (949) 824-5149
Office FRH 2174
Office Hours Friday, 2:00-3:00 PM.
Text A Modern Introduction to Particle Physics 
Fayyazuddin & Riazuddin
World Scientific, 1992



Chapter 12 Electroweak Unification: Yang-Mills Gauge Theory
  W & Z Bosons
  CKM Quark Mixing, GIM Cancellations
  Higgs Bosons - FLAB, LEP and LHC
Chapter 14 Particle Mixing and CP Violation
  B-anti-B Mixing and CP Violation - B factories
  CP Violation in the Kaon System 
Chapter 9 Neutrinos
  Dirac and Majorana Neutrinos
  Neutrino Oscillations
  Solar Neutrinos - MSW Effect
  Atmospheric Neutrinos
  Super-K, Reactor, and Laboratory Oscillation Experiments
Other Sections for Background Material C, P, T Symmetries, Heavy Quark Physics
If time permits, Chapter 16 Cosmology and Particle Physics

Internet Links to Background and Advanced Materials