Gallery of Selected Results/Abstracts

Peer Reviewed Publications (and Pre-prints)

Orbiting Circum-galactic Gas as a Signature of Cosmological Accretion

K.R. Stewart, T. Kaufmann, J. Bullock, E. Barton, A. Maller, J. Diemand, J. Wadsley, ApJ accepted, ArXiv:1103.4388, 2011

Observing the End of Cold Flow Accretion using Halo Absorption Systems

K.R. Stewart, T. Kaufmann, J. Bullock, E. Barton, A. Maller, J. Diemand, J. Wadsley, ApJL, 735, 1, 2011

Mergers in Lambda-CDM: Uncertainties in Theoretical Predictions and Interpretations of the Merger Rate

P. Hopkins, D. Croton, K. Bundy, S. Khochfar, F. van den Bosch, R. Somerville, A. Wetzel, D. Keres, L. Hernquist, K.R. Stewart, J. Younger, S. Genel, and C-P. Ma, ApJ, 724, 915, 2010

Stealth Galaxies in the Halo of the Milky Way

J.S. Bullock, K.R. Stewart, M. Kaplinghat, E.J. Tollerud, ApJ, 717, 1043, 2010

Mergers and Bulge Formation in Lambda-CDM: Which Mergers Matter?

P. Hopkins, K. Bundy, D. Croton, L. Hernquist, D. Keres, S. Kochfar, K.R. Stewart, A. Wetzel, and J. Younger, ApJ, 715, 202, 2010

Gas-rich Mergers in LCDM: Disk Survivability and the Baryonic Assembly of Galaxies

K.R. Stewart, J.S. Bullock, R.H. Wechsler, and A.H. Maller, ApJ, 702, 307, 2009

The Effects of Gas on Morphological Transformation in Mergers: Implications for Bulge and Disk Demographics

P.F. Hopkins, R.S. Somerville, T.J. Cox, L. Hernquist, S. Jogee, D. Keres, C.P. Ma, B. Robertson, and K.R. Stewart, MNRAS, 397, 802, 2009

Galaxy Mergers and Dark Matter Halo Mergers in LCDM: Mass, Redshift, and Mass-Ratio Dependence

K.R. Stewart, J.S. Bullock, E.J. Barton, R.H. Wechsler, ApJ, 702, 1005, 2009

The Assembly of Galaxy Clusters

J.C. Berrier, K.R. Stewart, C.W. Purcell, E.J. Barton, and R.H. Wechsler, ApJ, 690, 1292, 2008

A Candidate Brightest Proto-Cluster Galaxy at z = 3.03

J. Cooke, E.J. Barton, J.S. Bullock, K.R. Stewart, and A.M. Wolfe, ApJ, 681, 57, 2008

Merger Histories of Galaxy Halos and Implications for Disk Survival

K.R. Stewart, J.S. Bullock, R.H. Wechsler, A.H. Maller, and A.R. Zentner, ApJ, 653, 597, 2008

Conference Proceedings

Invisible Major Mergers: Why the Definition of a Galaxy Merger Ratio Matters

K.R. Stewart, ArXiv:0902.2214 [astro-ph], to appear in proceedings of "Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges," 2009

Mergers and Disk Survival in LCDM

J.S. Bullock, K.R. Stewart, and C.W. Purcell, Invited Contribution, IAU Symposium 254, 2008