Ungdon Ham




 I am working with  mk-STM. 









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Phone: :

 (949) 824-3683, (949) 824-3492


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(949) 824-2174



Department of Physics,
B140, Fredrick Renes Hall, 
UC-Irvine, CA 92697






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My Photos


















At a pub near UC Berkeley, with Son.



I am a homeless from Irvine, at the main gate of UC Berkeley.







I like everything about mechanical power transmission, which is very crucial for UHV instruments.

The following is my favorite. Take a look at it.




My friend bought one for me, and these days I am working on assembling it.

I think I can make those things now for myself.

I had to spend a lot of time thinking about mechanics for the machine, which I call Monster.






Nobody can stop me.


With my Sashu


At my highest weight of >100 kg.


I used to carry a CD player for more than 2 years, now I have an iPod mini.

I like Spanish songs, Japanese songs, and now, Taiwanese songs


At Manoharan’s lab, Stanford Univ. in 2004



I miss those days. I had very long hair.


Small break. I don’t know why I looked happy. Maybe so tired at that time.


After hair cut, I cannot work hard.


At Death Valley with my “family”. I always thank my family for their helping me go through tough life here.


This is the recording of my weight. These data will be updated daily.

To the board: http://www.ps.uci.edu/~jwnam/cgi-bin/sp-board/board.cgi?id=uham