Ungdon Ham




 I am working with  mk-STM. 

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Phone: :

 (949) 824-3683, (949) 824-3492


Fax : :

(949) 824-2174



Department of Physics,
B140, Fredrick Renes Hall, 
UC-Irvine, CA 92697







My Photos






Membership Training in Berkeley





1000 degee Celsius




Old Friends, who I always miss.

JH is making “bomb cocktail”.

I drank five of those.




People who spent a lot of time with me,

And, will spend a lot of time with me.



At the Symposium,

 Whch is my first academic presentation in my life.


Thank you always, my “family”.


During the surgery



with my Sashu and his wife









At a pub near UC Berkeley, with Son.




I like everything about mechanical power transmission, which is very crucial for UHV instruments.

The following is my favorite. Take a look at it.




My friend bought one for me, and these days I am working on assembling it.

I think I can make those things now for myself.

I had to spend a lot of time thinking about mechanics for the machine, which I call Monster.


Nobody can stop me.


With my Sashu


At Manoharan’s lab, Stanford Univ. in 2004



I miss those days. I had very long hair.