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 I am working with  mk-STM. 









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 (949) 824-3683, (949) 824-3492


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(949) 824-2174



Department of Physics,
B140, Fredrick Renes Hall, 
UC-Irvine, CA 92697






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My Photos




During the Surgery,





Easiest way to have fun is to have beer.

I guess I need to have some more ways to have fun from now on.

Same place as last week.

I think I am having beer almost every Friday.

Thank you, the host, Busik



Have to be able to find fun, even at the hell, as Lsjune advised me!




my first academic presentation after many, many years of graduate studies



with my Sashu and his wife












At a pub near UC Berkeley, with Son.



I am a homeless from Irvine, at the main gate of UC Berkeley.







I like everything about mechanical power transmission, which is very crucial for UHV instruments.

The following is my favorite. Take a look at it.




My friend bought one for me, and these days I am working on assembling it.

I think I can make those things now for myself.

I had to spend a lot of time thinking about mechanics for the machine, which I call Monster.






Nobody can stop me.


With my Sashu


At my highest weight of >100 kg.


I used to carry a CD player for more than 2 years, now I have an iPod mini.

I like Spanish songs, Japanese songs, and now, Taiwanese songs


At Manoharan’s lab, Stanford Univ. in 2004



I miss those days. I had very long hair.


Small break. I don’t know why I looked happy. Maybe so tired those days


After hair cut, I cannot work hard.


At Death Valley with my “family”. I always thank my family for their helping me go through tough life here.


This is the recording of my weight. These data will be updated daily.

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