An interactive display tool for astronomical images written in IDL.

ATV is a program for display and analysis of astronomical images using the IDL image-processing language.  It allows interactive control of the image scaling, color table, color stretch, and zoom, with support for world coordinate systems.   It also does point-and-click aperture photometry, simple spectral extractions, and can produce publication-quality postscript output images.  

About ATV
Instructions for using ATV
Modification history

ATV requires IDL version 8.0 or higher, and the libraries listed below.  It is particularly important to have up-to-date versions of the GSFC IDL astronomy user's library and the Coyote library, since there have been very substantial changes to the GSFC library and its dependence on Coyote routines during the past few years.

To run ATV, you will need:

Important Update for Mac Users: As of November 2016, recent updates to XQuartz have caused widget programs including ATV to crash. See the About ATV page for a simple fix if ATV or other widget programs are crashing your IDL session.

Note about other versions of ATV:    There are a few alternate and forked versions of ATV that can be found on other sites, some of them modified to add features specific to certain telescopes or instruments.  These include a version designed for reduction of Spitzer IRS data (as part of the SMART package), the PhAst program which includes added astrometry and photometry functionality, and a very old version of ATV with added HEALPIX support that's distributed as part of the idlutils package.    However: I take no responsibility for any forked versions of ATV, and the instructions and information on this site may not apply to any modified ATV versions that you find elsewhere.  

If you're using the idlutils distribution but don't need to use the HEALPIX support, then I strongly recommend that you delete the ATV version that came with idlutils, and install the current version of ATV instead. Also, note that there may be other incompatibility issues between idlutils and the current versions of the GSFC and Coyote libraries.

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