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Ordering Demonstrations

Important Information:

  • We do not provide support for research or other departments on campus. Our lecture demonstrations are available for ordering only for the Department of Physics & Astronomy instructors, and for instructional purposes only.

  • Please note that staff can deliver demonstrations to classes on Mondays on a workload-permitting basis. This is due to the necessity for staff to set-up instructional lab equipment and provide support to the TA training sessions.



  • Please email your request at least 8 working hours in advance to Ben (with a c.c. to Ferdi) using the alphanumeric and/or verbal title description found in the catalog. We recommend a maximum of three demonstrations per class meeting.

  • If you already know your demonstration schedule for the entire quarter either email it to Ben, or fill out a Lecture Demonstration Request Form (10 week or 6 week) and place it in Ben's mailbox in the main office as soon as possible.

  • You can check the status of your lecture demonstration requests on our Demonstration Calendar. You can also use the calendar as a reminder of your requests throughout the quarter and to see what demonstrations other classes are ordering.

Delivery and Return:

  • The delivery and return of requested demonstrations on a normal day will be made by Ben. Special requests will need to be coordinated with Ben, who will assist you on a work-permitting basis.

  • Due to the increase in the number of lectures being scheduled at the same time, there are many instances when there is a time conflict between two or more requests. In such situations, Ben will let you know about the conflict and will deliver demonstrations according to the order in which requests are received.

  • For classrooms that have a storage room, Ben can deliver demonstrations in advance and will provide you with a key to the room so you can retrieve the demonstrations before your class begins. Please return the demonstrations back to the storage room at the end of your class.


  • We strongly recommend that you preview and practice your upcoming demos so that you can perform them reliably and efficiently in lecture. Please contact Ben to arrange for a preview meeting.

  • If you would like demonstration recommendations or a reminder of what you ordered in the past, Ferdi or Ben can provide you with a list of demonstrations done in your course in previous years.


  • Most classrooms and lecture halls have been converted into Smart Classrooms containing a PC, VHS/DVD deck, and an AMX touch-panel that controls everything from audio-visual sources to the room lights. For more information and assistance with classroom technology please visit Classroom Technology Support. Special audio-visual equipment not already provided by Classroom Technology Support can be reserved through Ben

  • Some demos require the use of special equipment such as a video camera in order to be successfully presented. We will obviously provide such special equipment.

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