Research of Professor Jon Lawrence

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Recent Papers:

UMn2Al20: Induced moment or itinerant magnetism? (PDF)
Scaling behavior in URu2Zn20 (PDF)
Inelastic neutron scattering in the intermeditae valence compound CePd3   (PDF)
Localized 5f behavior in UCo2Zn20  (PDF)

Intermediate valence compounds: a brief review (PDF)
Magnetic order in a magnetic field in Pr3In (PDF)
Inelastic neutron scattering in intermediate valence CePd3 (PDF)

Neutron diffraction in a magnetic field in Ce3Co4Sn13 (PDF)
Low temperature neutron scattering in Ce3Co4Sn13 (PDF)
Crystal field excitation in the singlet ground state compound Pr3In  (PDF)
Field induced single impurity behavior in heavy fermion Ce3Co4Sn13 (PDF)
Slow crossover of the neutron lineshape in Yb2Rh3Ga9 (PDF)
Localized excitation in the hybridization gap of YbAl3    (PDF)
Anisotropic intermediate valence in Yb2Rh3Ga9 (PDF)
Antiferromagnetism in Pr3In  (PDF)
Crystalline Electric Field Effects in CeMIn5: Superconductivity and the Influence of Kondo Spin Fluctuations    (PDF)

Dependence of the effective mass of YbAl3 on magnetic field and disorder  (PDF)
Neutron scattering study of crystal fields in CeRhIn5  
Two energy scales and slow crossover in YbAl3   (PDF)
Slow crossover in YbXCu4 intermediate valence compounds    (PDF)

Recent talks:

Heavy Fermion Scaling: U vs Ce and Yb compounds (PDF)
Intermediate valence metals:   Talk at UCI 10/12/06;     Talk at LBL, 4/12/06
Current Issues in intermediate valence     (PDF)
Two energy scales and slow crossover in YbAl3
Slow crossover in YbXCu4 IV compounds (PDF)

Student and Postdoc Talks:
CuiHuan Wang: Neutron scattering and scaling behavior in URu2Zn20 (PDF)
Victor Fanelli: Magnetic neutron scattering in CePd3 (PDF)
Victor Fanelli's thesis: Neutron scattering in CePd3 and YbAl3 (PDF)

Review articles:

Intermediate valence compounds: a brief review (PDF)
Encyclopedia of Physics Article on Intermediate Valence (PDF)
Comments on Solid State Physics on Heavy fermions (PDF)

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