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MEMS, Liquid Lenses and Pulsed-laser Deposition research added.

The Low Temperature Materials Laboratory
is directed by Prof. Peter Taborek.
The Laboratory is part of the Condensed Matter Physics
group in the Department of Physics at University of
California, Irvine. In particular, the members of the
Laboratory are interested in the fundamental studies of
phase transitions near a surface and of quantum fluids.
The study of quantum solids also includes issues like
surface dynamics, sticking and growth mechanisms. The
experimental effort in the Laboratory also includes projects
in applied materials science for example development of
a vapor phase method for growing diamond films, developing
porous glass pH sensors, development of novel methods for
measuring conductivity and the studies of intercalation in
bucky ball (C60) films.

  Pinch-off phenomena of both normal and superfluid helium
  droplets have become a topic of interest in our laboratory
  since the construction of our new Helium-4 optical cryostat.
  Using a laser triggering mechanism in conjunction with
  a 10-microsecond flash, we have been able to photograph
  never-before-seen images of helium droplets poised to
  pinch off from various surfaces.
  Interestingly enough, the geometry of the surface the
  drop is hanging from plays a large role in determining
  the length of the liquid stalk on which the larger drop
  is connected.
  See the video
  A magnified view of a superfluid helium-4 droplet