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P3318: Analytical Mechanics

Instructor: Veit Elser.
Section: Friday 2:30-3:20pm, Rockefeller 102.
Office Hours: Mon 5:15-6:15pm, PSB 425G or by appointment.

Announcement: Congrats on surviving the course!

This is a collection of course material related to the course P3318: Analytical Mechanics at Cornell University. I was the TA in Winter 2013 under Veit Elser. See also the main course website.

Course data

Cumulative course grade, modified HW grade

Based on: 35% homework, 20% prelim 1, 20% prelim 2, 25% final
Modified homework grade: drop lowest score
Course grade (left): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 85.9, 83.8 (9.3)
Modified HW (right): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 87.2, 83.8 (14.1)
Remark: grades will be based on weighted sum of z-scores*, perhaps accounting for outliers.

*-z-score: shifted and rescaled data such that mean = 0 and variance = 1

Final exam and raw homework grades

HW based on 10 assignments, 10 points each.
Final (left): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 87, 86.3 (10.1)
Final exam solutions by Prof. Elser
Raw HW (right): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 87, 84.1 (15.4)

Prelim scores

Prelim 2 (left): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 82.5, 81.1 (17.9)
Prelim 1 (right): Median, Mean (Std. Dev): 87, 84.7 (18.0)


Left: prelim 1 and prelim 2, right: final and HW.

Homework and exam solutions

Includes problems.

Lecture notes

Professor Elser's lecture notes.

Section notes

Image courtesy of Mandy Guo

Substitute lectures

Flip's personal notes, based on Prof. Elser's notes above.


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