Astrophysics and Cosmology at UCI

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Faculty at UC Irvine are engaged in research in diverse areas of astronomy and astrophysics. These include cosmology and particle astrophysics; studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation; observational and theoretical studies of galaxy structure and evolution, galaxy clusters and dark matter, black holes, and quasars; star and planet formation; and the design of optical telescopes and instrumentation.

The Center for Cosmology is involved in research aiming to unlock the structure and evolution of the Universe. Modern cosmology originated with Einstein's relativistic theory of gravitation and the discovery of cosmic expansion by Hubble in the 1920s. It has since led to the big bang cosmic model and, in recent years, advances in the field led scientists to new concepts such as dark matter and dark energy.



Research Centers:




Research Topics Include

  • Blazars, dark matter, and galaxy statistics
  • AGN, black holes, and galaxy structure
  • Galaxy formation theory, dark matter, and near-field cosmology
  • X-ray observations, dark matter, galaxy clusters, and the IGM
  • Optics & wavefront sensing
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Theoretical cosmology & astrophysics; far-IR observations
  • Dark matter, dark energy, lensing, the Local Group, and the CMB
  • Observational cosmology: dark energy and dark matter
  • Climates and Habitability of Planetary Systems
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Astronomy, history of science, and scientometrics



Graduate Students