Faculty Committees and Service Roster

2017-2018 academic year department committees and faculty service roster

Department Leadership
Department Chair Bullock
Vice Chair of Planning Cooper
Vice Chair of Graduate Studies Tait
Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies Whiteson
Associate Chair of Inclusive Excellence Chen



Departmental Committees and Service Assignments
Executive Committee
Yu (Chair), Barth, Feng, Heidbrink,Taborek
Inclusive Excellence Chen (Chair), Kirkby, Taffard, Tucker, Dollar, Smecker-Hane
Graduate Studies Tait (Chair), Buote, Chen, Allard, Lin, Rajaraman, Krivorotov
Graduate Admissions Kaplinghat (Chair), Tait, Siryaporn, Dollar, Xia, Abazajian, Ratz, Wu
Graduate Qualifying Exam Rajaraman (Chair)
Graduate Qualifying Exam Policy Taborek (Chair), Tait, Siwy, Cooper, Dollar
ChaMP Co-Director Siwy
Undergraduate Education Whiteson (Chair), Tucker, Collins, White, Buote, Smecker-Hane, Heidbrink, Casper
Undergraduate Admissions Shirman (Chair), Allard, Lin, Wu
Strategic Planning  
Merit & Promotions White (Chair), Barwick, Cooray, Ho, Murgia, Collins
Non-Senate Academic Review Lankford (Chair)
Colloquium Abazajian (Chair), Tajima, Xia, Hamber
Awards Feng (Chair), Yu, Lin, Chanan, Wu, Taffard
Space Cooper
Community Engagement & Outreach Heidbrink (Chair)
Reines Lecture Barth (Chair), Feng, Yu
Seminar Organizers Cooper (Astrophysics), Chernyshev (Condensed Matter), Lin (Plasma), Rajaraman (Particle)
Web Site Barth 


Undergraduate Physics Major Advising
Physics first-year advisors  Abazajian, Chen, Molzon, Murgia, Shirman, Smecker-Hane
Physics & Applied Physics first-year advisors Dollar, Heidbrink, Parker, Bullock, Xia, Whiteson, Kaplinghat, Collins
Incoming transfer student advisors Tucker, Barth
Track advisors:  
     General Physics Barwick
     Astrophysics Buote
     Computational Physics Lin
     Philosophy of Physics Whiteson
     Physics Education Collins
     Business & Law McWilliams
     Engineering Physics Taborek
     Biomedical Physics Siryaporn
     General Applied Physics Taborek
     Minors in Earth System Science Heidbrink
Society of Physics Students advisor    Bian
Cal-Bridge Steering Committee Smecker-Hane (co-Director), Abazajian


Campus service and membership on UCI Academic Senate Committees and Councils
Divisional Senate Assembly Murgia, Rajaraman (alt.)
Council on Academic Personnel Tait (Winter 2018 - Summer 2018)
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom Abazajian (Vice Chair)
Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries Barth
Council on Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Casper, Dennin (ex officio)
Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction Abazajian
Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, & Financial Aid Dennin (ex officio)
Campuswide Honors Program Board Dennin (ex officio)
Assessment Committee Rajaraman (Chair), Kaplinghat
Subcommittee on Courses and Continuing, Part-Time,
and Summer Session Education
Casper (Chair)
Subcommittee on International Education Dennin (ex officio)
Subcommittee on Programs and Policy Dennin (ex officio)
Teaching and Learning Research Center Advisory Board Tucker


School of Physical Sciences Committees and Service
Assistant Equity Advisor Chen