Special Events

Winter 2020

Special Colloquium by Professor Donna Strickland, Nobel 2018 Physics Prize Laureate

Thursday March 12, 2020, 3:30 - 4:30pm, Calit2 (Tentative)

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/node/13361


American Physical Society Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP2020)

Friday January 17 - Sunday January 19, 2020

UCI is pleased to host CUWiP 2020, togther with other 12 sites across the US and Canada! Stay tuned for more details.




Spring 2019

Colloquium by Professor Jedidah Isler, Dartmouth College

Thursday May 23, 2019, 3:30 - 4:30pm

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/node/13529


Colloquium by Dean Song L. Richardson, Dean and Chancellor's Professor of Law, UCI

Blind Spots, Bias and the Brain

Thursday April 4, 2019, 3:30 - 4:30pm

Researchers, students, and instructors trade on brainpower for a living. The brain is a beautiful and only partially-understood organ; far more complex than most man-made machines. Machines, when they are free of defects and are properly serviced and maintained, are reliable in their efficiency and execution. The human brain is not. Each action or decision is comprised of conscious and unconscious processes that affect outcomes, and these processes are influenced by numerous factors shaped by history and culture.

Dean Richardson will discuss these unconscious mental processes and how they can influence decision-making and judgment within your research, teaching, and interactions with colleagues and students. She will end with some recommendations for safeguarding against the influence of these biases to promote and foster inclusive excellence.

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/node/13533


Winter 2019

Special Colloquium by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Discoverer of Pulsars, Visiting Professor at Oxford University and Chancellor of the University of Dundee

Women in Science - A UK Perspective

Thursday March 14, 2019, 2 - 3pm, Crystal Cove Auditorium

In this colloquium Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will provide some data on women in science (particularly astrophysics) worldwide and discuss some United Kingdom initiatives to increase the number of women in science and engineering.

Dame Bell Burnell is an astrophysicist who discovered pulsars as a graduate student at Cambridge University in 1967. This was one of the most profound and significant astronomical discoveries of the 20th Century. It was recently announced that she was awarded the $3 million Breakthrough Prize for 2018. What is especially noteworthy is that she donated all the prize money to Britain’s Institute of Physics to establish scholarships for women, under-represented minorities and refugees who want to study physics. She has received numerous other accolades including the Oppenheimer prize, the Michelson medal, the Tinsley prize, and the Magellanic Premium, as well as the Herschel Medal from the Royal Astronomical Society and being knighted by the Queen of England. Some three dozen UK, Irish, European and US universities have conferred honorary doctorates on her. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, former (and first female) President of the Institute of Physics, former (and first female) President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and former President of the UK’s Royal Astronomical Society as well as a foreign member of some 7 academies. She has been affiliated with numerous universities including the Open University, a public distance learning and research university. She is currently a visiting professor at Oxford University and Chancellor of the University of Dundee. She hopes that her presence as a senior woman in science will encourage more women to consider a career in science.

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/node/13186


Fall 2018

Colloquium by President Elizabeth Hillman, Mills College

Collaborative, innovative, and inclusive: Diversity in the Sciences

Thursday November 29, 2018, 3:30 - 4:30pm, RH101

A report on sexual harassment released earlier this year by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine documents the extent and impact of sexual harassment in academic STEM fields, relying on four decades of research, and makes recommendations about preventing and addressing sexual harassment for institutions, policy-makers, professional societies, and federal agencies. Mills College President Elizabeth L. Hillman, study committee member and report co-author, will summarize the National Academies' consensus report, review the response of academic communities since its release, and suggest the potentially transformative impact on research and innovation of collaborative, inclusive organizations that effectively prevent sexual harassment.

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/node/13329


Town Hall on Equity in Physics & Astronomy

Thursday Oct 11, 2018, 3:30 - 4:30pm, RH101

The Department of Physics and Astronomy will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on Thursday Oct 11 at 3:30pm in RH 101 to disccus Equity in Physics and Astronomy. This is in response to the talk by Alessandro Strumia at the CERN Gender and Particle Physics Workshop on Sep 28, 2018. We hope to have open and honest discussions about issues related to equity in Physics and Astronomy, and encourage diverse viewpoints from all members of the Department. 

More Information: https://www.physics.uci.edu/inclusion


Spring 2018

Inaugural Department Hike and Picnic on the Beach, Crystal Cove State Park

Sunday June 24, 2018, 8:30am - 1pm, Crystal Cove State Park 

All members are invited to join our inaugural hike and picnic at the Crystal State Park. Families and friends are welcomed!

More Information: https://sites.uci.edu/siryaporn/physics-department-excursion/


Department Spring Gathering

Thursday May 24, 2018, 3:30 - 5pm, Nat Sci II 1201

All members are cordially invited to attend the Department Spring Gathering. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members of the Department, to receive updates on some of the initiatives the Department has embarked on, and to provide your input on what the Department can do to make it a better place for you to study and work in. We look forward to seeing you!