Undergrad Program

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers undergraduate degree programs in Physics and in Applied Physics, with a variety of focuses on different skill sets and areas of physics. We offer introductory physics course sequences that are prerequisites for many other majors at UC Irvine, as well as a broad selection of general education courses in subjects including astronomy and cosmology, the physics of sports, the physics of music, and energy and the environment. Students can get involved in world class research with our faculty. We also have an active community with events and social groups where you can get involved. See the links below for detailed information.

The learning objectives of physics and applied physics major can be found here: 

Please contact Genessis Meza at genessim@uci.edu for questions regarding Undergraduate Enrollment.

Prospective Students

Are you thinking of applying to UCI? Have you already been accepted as an incoming freshman or transfer student? Learn more about our fantastic program here!

Research Opportunities

Would you like to get involved in research? Are you wondering how to apply for research funding or summer projects? Check out research opportunities in the physics department and advice on how to get started here!

Community & Events

Are you looking to get involved in the physics community? Do you want to interact with faculty? Connect with faculty & other students here!

Course Information

Can you take a physics GE course if you don't already have a science background? Should you take Physics 2, 3, or 7? Which physics courses are available this quarter? All the course information you need is here!

Mentoring & Advising

Would you like help choosing classes, or maybe just some guidance? Are you having trouble deciding which area of focus is right for you? Do you need a post graduation plan? Are you caught in quantum entanglement? Check out our mentoring programs or connect with your faculty advisor here! 

Majors Course Planning

Are there approved electives for applied physics majors? What should you take for the astrophysics area of focus? Which physics courses are available this quarter?

Career Planning

Are you wondering what career options you'll have as a physics major? Trying to find a job? Want to do some work in the real world? Check out career paths here!

Tutoring & Academic Help

Do you want some help with your classes? Do you want to help others as a Learning Assistant?  Do you need to get started with Mathematica?  Learn about academic resources, including effective ways to study and joining a study group.


Undergraduate Awards

At our annual awards ceremony, the department gives awards to outstanding undergraduates. See the list of awards you could earn and previous recipients.