Community & Events

The Department of Physics and Astronomy hosts seminars, colloqiua, and special department social events. Undergraduates are invited! We also have organizations with meetings you can attend to get involved in the community. The Society of Physics Students is the department's main undergraduate organization, which hosts meetings and great events throughout the quarter. We also have an astrophysics club, a women in physics group, and are affiliated with other great programs on the UCI campus. Browse the links below to learn more about our community!

Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a primarily undergraduate student organization that promotes the study of physics, assists students studying physics, provides career guidance to physics students, and presents research opportunities in the physics department. Any undergraduate student is welcome in the SPS room (Frederick Reines Hall, Room 2107) to study and meet other physics majors!


The UNITY (Underrepresented Genders In Physics & AstronomY) arranges social events each quarter to create a supportive environment for females in the department. We also assist in outreach activities and run a mentoring program pairing up undergraduate student mentees with grad student/postdoc mentors.

Department events

The department hosts research seminars and colloquia, as well as a variety of public events. Also, check your UCI email or contact Physics Student Affairs to hear about department social events.

Astronomy Club at UCI

The Astronomy Club explores the night sky with telescopes, and learns about planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, and the Universe. Members of the club are from all majors, but all share an interest and awe in the beauty of the Universe. We are currently updating the club website. Check back for more information!

Study Abroad

The laws of physics transcend international borders. Why not explore other countries while studying these universal laws? Travel the world with a study abroad program!

Department Outreach

We organize programs and educational activities for the Orange County community, including public lectures and community events. John Rosendahl's Adventures in Physics gives undergraduates the opportunity to do assemblies in Orange County elementary schools with fun physics demonstrations, and hosts an annual public event in January.

Campus Honors Program/Collegium

The Campuswide Honors Program/Collegium (CHP) combines the qualities of a liberal arts college with the unique opportunities offered by a major research university. You can enjoy priority registration and graduate with honors, as well as experience lots of other benefits both during college and after you graduate.