Imaging science and applied physics meet in new NSF Center
Prof. Franklin Dollar leads UCI's participation in STROBE, a new NSF-funded collaborative project that will meld cutting-edge research in imaging science with learning outreach to underrepresented populations.
2017 Reines Lecture by Art McDonald
We are delighted to announce that Professor Arthur McDonald of Queen's University, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015 for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, will be visiting UC Irvine to deliver the third annual Reines Lecture on March 1, 2017.
Physicists confirm possible discovery of fifth force of nature
Professors Jonathan Feng and Tim Tait have shown that puzzling data in nuclear physics can be explained by a fifth fundamental force of nature with implications for the unification of forces and efforts to understand the dark matter that pervades the universe.
Astrobiology’s rising star
New UC Irvine faculty member Aomawa Shields studies the climate on distant planets. Her aim: find those most likely to host alien life.

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Seminars & Colloquia

Particle Physics Seminar Lisa Unger
Uppsala University
SPECIAL SEMINAR: Neutrinos from the Fermi... Mon, 02/27/2017: 3:00 pm
Astrophysics Seminar Brendan Bowler
Univ. of Texas, Austin
Special Seminar: Revealing the Formation and... Tue, 02/28/2017: 4:00 pm
Particle Physics Seminar Zhen Liu
Strong phase at colliders: new physics... Wed, 03/01/2017: 3:00 pm
Department Colloquium Arthur B. McDonald
Queens Univ.
Reines Lecture Colloquium: The Science of the... Thu, 03/02/2017: 3:30 pm
Department Colloquium Fuyu Tamanoi
Special Rostoker Colloquium: Nanoparticle-based... Thu, 03/09/2017: 3:30 pm
Department Colloquium Harald Fritzsch
Ludwig Maximilian Univ.
Title: TBN Thu, 05/18/2017: 3:30 pm