Condensed Matter Seminar

Harnessing plasmonic hot carriers for energy transfer applications

Abstract: Landau damping of surface plasmons generates hot electron-hole pairs, which carry an initial energy equal to the plasmon quanta before relaxation. These hot carriers hold the promise for nonthermal pathways for photoelectric conversion and photocatalytic reactions.  Despite decades of experimental and theoretical efforts, the mechanism and the precise role of the plasmonic hot carriers have not been well understood.

Anomalous Hydrodynamics in Non-equilibium Quantum Systems

Abstract: The advent of noisy intermediate quantum scale (NISQ) devices has sparked rapidly growing interest in non-equilibrium quantum dynamics. An outstanding question in this field is understanding universal properties of equilibrating quantum systems. At late times, relaxation of local densities of conserved quantities dominates the approach towards equilibrium, leading to an emergent hydrodynamic description at late times.

Spin-orbit coupled graphene multilayers: correlations, superconductivity and topology

Abstract:  Crystalline graphene multilayers present a rich playground to explore correlated electronic phenomena in an ultra-clean setting, free of the inhomogeneities ubiquitous in their twisted counterparts. For instance, Bernal bilayer graphene (BLG) and rhombohedral trilayer graphene both exhibit several symmetry-broken metallic phases at low temperature, as well as superconductors with different pairing symmetries. Moreover, placing a WSe2 monolayer on BLG was shown to promote Cooper pairing to an extraordinary degree, with an order-of-magnitude enhancement of Tc [1].


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