Condensed Matter Seminar

Quantum Metric in 2D Superconductors and Exciton Condensates


In the past two decades some of the most interesting developments in condensed matter physics have resulted form the careful treatment of the effects arising from the Berry curvature of many-body ground states. The Berry curvature can be thought as the imaginary part of a complex tensor. The real part of this tensor is the quantum metric. In this talk I will show how the quantum metric affects the properties of superconductivity and exciton condensates in 2D flat band systems, and present some results specific to the case of twisted bilayer graphene.

SU(N)-symmetric density matrix renormalization group


There is a lot of interest in finding and identifying novel

quantum materials. We here focus on d1 materials with a

strong spin-orbit coupling, which are supposed to realize a much

higher symmetry than SU(2), an emergent SU(4) symmetry [1,2].

In fact, α-ZrCl3 is expected to host the SU(4) Heisenberg model

on the honeycomb lattice with a large frustration [3]. These

SU(4) materials potentially realize a new type of spin liquids,

a gapped Z4 spin liquid [4]. We present new density matrix

Magneto-optical probes shed light on the unconventional transport and magnetism of Eu – based semi-metals


Understanding the mechanisms and consequences of the coupling between disparate degrees of freedom is at the forefront of quantum materials research. A prominent example is coupling between magnetic and electronic degrees of freedom, offering the exciting opportunity to control the near Fermi level electronic structure and topology by manipulating magnetic order. However, the same coupling may promote a complex magnetic state, which is challenging to identify experimentally.

Imaging and Probing Atomically Thin Quantum Material Devices at the Nanoscale

Abstract: The harnessing and manipulation of electronic states in quantum materials has the potential to revolutionize computation, sensing, storage, and communications, thus impacting multiple facets of our everyday lives. In this talk I will discuss my group’s recent experiments with graphene, a highly versatile carbon-based quantum material that hosts ultra-relativistic charges. This unique attribute can be leveraged for future quantum technologies.


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