Dark Matter Exposed? Gamma-Ray Find Excites Scientists
Energetic light seen radiating from the center of the Milky Way may be the best evidence yet of dark matter. - SPACE.com
Transit of Venus Viewed by Thousands at UC Irvine Observatory
A model showing the earth, center, and the surrounding galaxies frames the UC Irvine Observatory and portable telescopes set up to view the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012.
Shedding Light on Molecules
With his power tools, physics and chemistry professor Wilson Ho sheds light on molecules and atoms in action. Touring his lab is like a trip to Radio Shack, a high school metalworking shop and the set of "Battlestar Galactica" all rolled into one.
The Cosmos: The Next Ten Years
UC Irvine cosmologist James Bullock helps people see the really big picture — from the Milky Way to the farthest reaches of the universe.   Professor Bullock starred as a co-host for the National Geographic television special, "Inside the Milky Way."

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Ranjan Laha
Stanford Univ.
"Two new avenues in dark matter indirect... Tue, 10/25/2016: 4:00 pm
Astrophysics Seminar Ranjan Laha
Kavli IPMU
"TITLE: TBN" Tue, 10/25/2016: 4:00 pm
Particle Physics Seminar Speaker TBN
Tel Aviv Univ.
"New Directions in the Search for Dark... Wed, 10/26/2016: 3:00 pm
Department Colloquium Vernita Gordon
Univ. of Texas, Austin
"Soft-matter mechanics in the initiation and... Thu, 10/27/2016: 3:30 pm
Astrophysics Seminar Chevrin Laporte
Columbia Univ.
"TITLE: TBN" Tue, 11/01/2016: 4:00 pm
Condensed Matter Seminar Warren Pickett
UC Davis
"TITLE: TBN" Wed, 11/02/2016: 4:00 pm