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  • December 2020: Rachel published a paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interaces : Tunable Nanopore Arrays as the Basis for Ionic Circuits
    Look here!
  • November 2020: Former post-doc Yinghua Qiu published in Analytical Chemistry : Modulation of Ionic Current Rectification in Ultrashort Conical Nanopores
    Read more!
  • March 2020: Rachel and Scottie published a paper in Nature Communications : Ionic amplifying circuits inspired by electronics and biology
    Check it out!
  • March 2020: Jake and Elif published a paper in ACS Nano : Gating of Hydrophobic Nanopores with Large Anions
    Read more!
  • January 2020: Kabin, Scottie and Jake published in JACS : Charge Inversion and Calcium Gating in Mixtures of Ions in Nanopores
    Click here to read more!
  • July 2019: Scottie, Elif, Jake, and Kabin published a paper in ACS Nano : Modulation of Charge Density and Charge Polarity of Nanopore Wall by Salt Gradient and Voltage
    Check it out!
  • July 2019: Rachel and Scottie published a paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B : Electrokinetic Phenomena in Organic Solvents
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  • May 2019: Dr. Siwy published a review article in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C : Critical Knowledge Gaps in Mass Transport through Singe-Digit Nanopores: A Review and Perspective
    Find it here!
  • February 2019: Dr. Siwy published in Sciences Advances : A nanofluidic ion regulation membrane with aligned cellulose nanofibers
    Read more here!
  • February 2019: Scottie and Cody published in JACS : Rectification of Concentration Polarization in Mesopores Leads To High Conductance Ionic Diodes and High Performance Osmotic Power
    Find paper here!
  • February 2019: Elif published a paper in Science Advances with Cody and group alumnus Steven Buchsbaum: Biomimetic potassium-selective nanopores
    Check out the news article!
  • December 2018: Yinghua and Dr. Siwy published a paper, Abnormal Ionic Current Rectification Caused by Reversed Electroosmotic Flow under Viscosity Gradients across Thin Nanopores, in Anayltical Chemistry!
    Read more here!
  • May 2018: Chih-Yuan just published, The Design and Characterization of Multifunctional Aptamer Nanopore Sensors, in ACS Nano!
    Read it here!
  • April 2018: Joseph published a new paper, Probing Ion Current in Solid-Electrolytes at the Meso- and Nanoscale, in Faraday Discussions!
    Give it a look!
  • April 2018: Dr. Siwy's new paper, Information Dynamics of a Nonlinear Stochastic Nanopore System, was published in Entropy!
    Check it out!
  • February 2018: Crystal successfully defended her PhD. Congrats!!
  • January 2018: Elif's new paper, Concentration-Polarization-Induced Precipitation and Ionic Current Oscillations with Tunable Frequency, was published in J. Phys. Chem. C.!
    Check it out!
  • January 2018: Scottie's new paper, Voltage-Induced Modulation of Ionic Concentrations and Ion Current Rectification in Mesopores with Highly Charged Pore Walls, was published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.!
    Check it out!
  • October 2017: Tim's paper, Ion Transport in Gel and Gel-Liquid Systems for LiClO4-doped PMMA at the Meso- and Nanoscales, was published in Nanoscale. Way to go!
  • September 2017: Preston successfully defended his PhD. Grats!
  • August 2017: Preston and Yinghua's new paper: A hybrid resistive pulse-optical detection platform for microfluidic experiments was just published in Scientific Reports! Read the paper here!
  • August 2017: Yinghua's new paper: Probing Charges on Solid-Liquid Interfaces with the Resistive-Pulse Technique is published in Nanoscale Check it Here!
  • August 2017: Dr. Siwy just published a perspective in the journal Science on carbon nanotubes that behave as synthetic aquaporins. Check it out!
  • August 2017: Yinghua's and Rachel's new paper: Viscosity and Conductivity Tunable Diode-like Behavior for Meso- and Micropores is published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett. Check it Here!
  • May 18 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Tim Plett who has defended his Ph.D.!
  • March 2017: Yinghua's and Anna's new paper: Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Deprotonation/Protonation of Highly Charged Particles is published in J. Phys. Chem. C Check it Here!
  • February 2017: Tim's new paper: Solid-State Ionic Diodes Demonstrated in Conical Nanopores is published in J. Phys. Chem. C
    Check it out!
  • September 2016: Our new paper: Polarization of Gold in Nanopores Leads to Ion Current Rectification will be published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
    Check it out!
  • August 2016: Our paper Highly Charged Particles Cause a Larger Current Blockage in Micropores Compared to Neutral Particles was just published in ACS Nano. Click here to see the paper.
  • Apirl 2016: At the 3rd Annual UCI AGS Graduate Symposium, Timothy Plett was selected as a recipient of the Judges' Award for the Physics and Astronomy session. His talk, titled 'Optimizing Nanobatteries through Interface Science' discussed the macroscale implications of nanoscale innovation and optimization for energy storage.Congrats!
  • Apirl 2016: Our new paper: Direction Dependence of Resistive-Pulse Amplitude in Conically Shaped Mesopores was just published in Anal. Chem.. Click here to see the paper.
  • March 2016: Steven's new paper: Salt Solutions in Carbon Nanotubes: The Role of Cation-p Interactions was just published in J. Phys. Chem. C. Click here to see the paper.
  • February 2016: Our new paper: Role of Particle Focusing in Resistive-Pulse Technique: Direction-Dependent Velocity in Micropores was just published in ACS Nano. Click here to see the paper.
  • January 2016: Steven successfully defended his thesis! Congrats!
  • July 2015: Yinghua's, Crystal's, and Preston's paper Anomalous Mobility of Highly Charged Particles in Pores was just published in Analytical Chemistry. Click here to see the paper.
  • June 2015: Laura successfully defended her thesis! Congrats!
  • June 2015: Tim Plett's and Trevor Gamble's paper Ionic Conductivity of a Single Porous MnO2 Mesorod at Controlled Oxidation States was just published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Click here to see the paper.
  • March 2015: Preston Hinkle's, Yinghua Qiu's, Crystal Yang's, and Matthew Shiel's paper Pores with Longitudinal Irregularities Distinguish Objects by Shape was just published in ACS Nano. Click here to see the paper.
  • February 2015: Laura Innes's paper Presence of electrolyte promotes wetting and hydrophobic gating in nanopores with residual surface charges was just published in Analyst. Click here to see the paper.
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