Initial Positions held by Ph.D. recipients (1995 - 2009)

Agami Systems, Senior Engineer
Beckman Laser Institute, Postdoc
De Pauw University, Assistant Professor
Ecole Normale Superieure (France)
First American Title Co., Systems Analyst
GeoMicro, Inc., Software Architect
Getty Conservation, Postdoc
Harvard University, Postdoc
INFN - Ferrara, Postdoc
Intel, Senior Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Postdoc
Los Alamos National Lab, Postdoc
Masimo Corporation, Algorithm Engineer
Naval Research Laboratory
Northrop Grumman Space Tech, Senior Technical staff
Northwestern University, Postdoc
Novalux, Inc., Senior Optical Modeling Engineer
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Staff Scientist
Phoenix Technologies, Senior Engineer
Procom Technology, Software Developer
Qualcomm, Senior Engineer/Management
Raytheon Co., Senior Systems Engineer
Research Imaging Center, Assistant Developmental Engineer
Rockwell/Conextant, Staff Scientist
Salk Institute, Physicist
SAS Institute Inc.
Stanford Research Systems
Stanford University, Postdoc
Syracuse University, Postdoc
Tri-Alpha Energy Corporation, Chief Scientist
UC Berkeley, Research Physicist
University of Liverpool, Postdoc
University of Maryland
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Assistant Scientist
Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Postdoc
Raytheon Company
Max Planck Institut fur Mikrostrukturphysik (Germany), Postdoc
San Diego, Senior Engineer
University of Maryland
Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Research Physicist
Medical College of Wisconsin, Research Scientist
Harvard University - HEP Lab, Postdoc (Experimental)
UC Los Angeles, Postdoc
Industry, Silicon Valley
Intel, Senior Engineer
Phoenix Technologies, Senior Engineer
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Assistant Scientist
Naval Research Laboratory
Lucent Technologies
University of Rochester, Postdoc
De Pauw University, Assistant Professor
Tri-Alpha Energy, Scientific Consultant
Technical Staff at JPL
Texas Instruments
Procom Technology
Ohio State University, Postdoc
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Postdoc
UC Irvine, Specialist
UC Irvine, Postdoc
Maxlinear Inc., Engineer