"SPECIAL SEMINAR: Large time step simulation of chirping TAE modes with example for how long range chirping evolves"

Herbert L. Berk
Univ. of Texas, Austin
Friday, February 3, 2017
10:45 am
FRH 4179
*Special day / time / location

Here we will present an overview for the theory for how chirping phenomenon can be described in the 'frame' of the wave excitation when the perturbed displacements are small after a single equilibrium transit time. In principle this approach can be applied to sufficiently low level wave excitations as long as the equilibrium orbits are integrable. In practice we still deal with a highly simplified case. Nonetheless, we have succeeded in gaining new insight in obtaining a new semi-analytic theory for a rapid chirping phenomena that resemble the so-called Frequency Avalanche observed in some experiments. We verify that the analytic predictions are in close agreement with numerical simulation.

University of Texas, Austin, The Institute for Fusion Studies
Zhihong Lin