Special Seminar: The Standard, the Vector, the Scalar and the Sterile Neutrino portals to Dark Matter

Miguel Escudero
IFIC, University of Valencia
Thursday, September 28, 2017
2:00 pm
3122 FRH

*Note Special Location, 3122 FRH


The absence of signals from direct detection, indirect detection and collider experiments has set strong constraints on WIMP dark matter models in which the dark matter annihilates in the early universe through couplings to either the Standard Model Z or Higgs boson. This in turn motivates hidden sector models in which the dark matter annihilates into hidden sector particles that subsequently decay into SM particles thorough a small mixing. During this talk I will review what are the main constraints on dark matter models in which the dark matter is coupled to the Z or the Higgs boson, then I will consider the implications of some hidden sector models for the Galactic Center Gamma Ray Excess and then I will highlight what are the main phenomenological implications of hidden sector models that are coupled to the Standard Model thorough the Sterile Neutrino portal. Finally, if time allows, I will comment on the cosmological implications of light non-cold massive particles of such hidden sectors in structure formation, in particular on their effect in the number of Milky Way satellite galaxies. 

updated 9.26.17

Timothy Tait
Arvind Rajaraman
Felix Kling
Sebastian Trojanowski
Sheldon Campbell