Dynamics of living systems

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Sunday, June 30, 2019
Research Project Description: 

Our lab investigates the dynamics of living organisms. Bacteria is one of the best systems in which to pursue this question due to its relative simplicity and the wealth of available tools. We explore how physical properties of a system (i.e., shear stress, advection, diffusion) impact the development of bacteria across multiple length scales, from single cell units into multicellular organisms. Our projects seek to understand the role of physical properties in the development of dense biofilm communities.

We design and fabricate microfluidic devices, perform cellular manipulation, and measure cellular dynamics using optical microscopy and computational analysis. The lab connects experiment and theory through the development of models and simulations.


Undergraduate Student Participation: 

Students are expected to conduct independent laboratory work, schedule and attend meetings with the instructor, and participate in weekly lab meetings. Students should have strong analytical and quantitative skills. Knowledge of biology, chemistry, or programming is helpful but not necessary.

Time Commitment: 

Students should plan to commit at least 10 hours per week and are expected to participate in lab full time during the summer quarter. Successful students can continue for multiple quarters, including Summer, and can complete an undergraduate thesis with the lab.

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Other Requirements to Participate: 

Open for freshmen through juniors. Applicants should send a copy of their transcript and CV/resume.

Performance Evaluation Criteria: 

Enrollment in PH195. Grading is based on attendance, lab work (quality, accuracy, analysis), communication (quarterly oral presentations), and good lab citizenship.

Qualified students working independently on research projects usually receive financial support during Summer.
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Albert Siryaporn, Reines 1118, asirya@uci.edu


How many hours per week will you be able to work on the project? Will you be available to work outside of the academic year (particularly during the Summer)?
List any lab and computer programming courses you have completed (with grades received) and for which you are currently enrolled.
Briefly describe any previous research experience (less than 300 words). If you have previously received course credit for student research, list those courses here (with grades received) and the name(s) of your supervisor(s).
Give a brief statement (less than 300 words) summarizing what qualities you will bring to the research program and explaining what you hope to achieve through your participation. (Is there something essential that you want to get out of the project? Paid position? Senior thesis? Co-author a journal publication?)
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