UCI Professor Toshiki Tajima Awarded AAPPS Subramanyan Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics

Monday, July 30, 2018

Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) Division of Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP)

Subramanyan Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics

– Professor Toshiki Tajima is selected as Laureate of 2018 –
The Division of Plasma Physics (Chair: Mitsuru Kikuchi) under the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (President: Gui-Lu Long) selected Professor Toshiki Tajima of the University of California at Irvine as the 2018 Laureates of S. Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics, which is awarded to scientists who have made seminal / pioneering contributions in the field of plasma physics. The S. Chandrasekhar Prize is an internationally authoritative annual prize awarded to an outstanding scientist (s) in the field of plasma physics as a basis for astrophysics or fusion research, and plasma applications. Award ceremony will be held at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics held in Kanazawa city from November 12-17 in 2018.
For wide-ranging contributions to plasma physics, in particular for the discovery and invention of extremely intense (relativistic) laser-driven wakefields as robust and long-lasting plasma states, with broad impacts on high energy particle acceleration and other applications, including medicine; in which he exerted leadership to launch high field science and to form large new research communities.
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