SPECIAL SEMINAR: Latest results in the search for sterile neutrinos at reactors

Stephane Zsoldos
Queen Mary University London
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
3:00 pm
FRH 4135
*Please note special location
The re-evaluation of the theoretical antineutrino flux emitted by nuclear reactors revealed a deficit of about 6% between the observed flux and the expected one. This so-called reactor antineutrino anomaly has a statistical significance of ~3 sigma, and one possible explanation for this deficit could be the existence of a light sterile neutrino state into which reactor antineutrino oscillate at very short distances. Several running projects aims to find an evidence of such oscillation.  In this talk, I will present the global picture of neutrino anomalies hinting to a light sterile neutrino at the eV. Several analysis point towards conversion mechanisms beyond the well-established 3 neutrinos oscillation paradigm. Each of these anomalies can be individually explained by sterile neutrinos, and relatively succeed for a simultaneous explanation, however a few caveats remains.
Then, I will focus on the experiments testing the reactor antineutrino anomaly. I will present the experimental strategies they put in place to measure the neutrino flux at very short distance from nuclear reactor, which is challenging due to the massive amount of backgrounds. After showing their latest results, I will discuss what's more to expect during this new year.
Felix Kling