Baryogengesis and Dark Matter from B Mesons

Gilly Elor
University of Washington
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
11:00 am
NS2 1201
I will present a new mechanism of low scale Baryogengesis and dark matter production in which both the dark matter relic abundance and the matter anti-matter asymmetry arise from B meson oscillation and subsequent decays. This set-up is testable at hadron colliders and B-factories. In the early Universe, decays of a long lived particle produce B mesons and anti-mesons out of thermal equilibrium. These then undergo CP violating oscillations before quickly decaying to visible and dark sector particles. Dark matter will be charged under Baryon number so that the visible sector baryon asymmetry is produced without violating total baryon number. The produced baryon asymmetry will be directly related to the leptonic charge asymmetry in neutral B decays; and experimental observable. Furthermore, this mechanism predicts new decay modes of B mesons into baryons and missing energy - which can be searched for at current and upcoming experiments thus allowing for a distinct probe of our mechanism. This mechanism may be realized in a Supersymmetric model with Dirac Gauginos and an exact R-symmerty which is identified with Baryon number. Sterile neutrinos and their superpartners may be identified with dark sector particles. 
Felix Kling