Special Plasma Physics Seminar: Harnessing Light for a Better World

Dr. Marc D. Hime
MKS Instruments - Newport Corporation
Wednesday, December 18, 2019
12:00 pm
MSTB 121

The first optical devices date back 2700 years while the laser was invented just 50 years ago. Advances in these technologies in the 20th century that are continuing (and perhaps accelerating) today have led to the development of products and systems that impact our lives on a daily basis. From vision enhancement to early disease diagnosis, from gaming interfaces to high speed communication networks, from renewable energy to enhanced security, from the cosmic scale to the molecular level, optical science and engineering is a fertile ground for the creative scientist and engineer. This talk will provide an overview of how our world today is impacted by optics and lasers and will look to how optics can assist with some of the greatest engineering challenges we face in the coming decades.

Franklin Dollar