Exoplanetary Systems Dynamics with ALMA

Virginie Faramaz
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
12:30 pm
Zoom Seminar
One fruitful way to investigate exoplanetary systems dynamics is to examine the gravitational imprints exoplanets leave on debris disks as they interact with them, and which appear under the shape of large scale asymmetries (gaps, warps, spirals, eccentric rings…)  The variety of these gravitational imprints inform us in turn on the variety of existing exoplanetary systems and help us place our own Solar System in context. They give us as well access to the content in exoplanets in systems where these are too distant from their star, too old, or not massive enough to be detected by our current techniques and facilities.  By combining interferometric techniques and observations at (sub)millimeter wavelengths, the ALMA observatory has made it possible to observe these prints with an unprecedented clarity. In this talk, I will expand on why ALMA has been revolutionary for the field of exoplanetary systems dynamics, and will review some of its most important results.
Steph Sallum