Probing New Gauge Forces with a High-Energy Muon Beam Dump

Cari Cesarotti
Harvard University
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
11:00 am
Zoom Seminar
We propose a new beam dump experiment at a future TeV-scale muon collider. A beam dump would be an economical and effective way to increase the discovery potential of the collider complex in a complementary regime. In this work we consider vector models such as the dark photon and L_\mu-L_\tau gauge boson as new physics candidates and explore which novel regions of parameter space can be probed with a muon beam dump. We find that for the dark photon model, we gain sensitivity in the moderate mass (MeV - GeV) range at both higher and lower couplings compared to existing and proposed experiments, and gain access to previously untouched areas of parameter space of the L_\mu-L_\taumodel.
Yuri Shirman