Baryons and non-Gaussianity in the EFT of large-scale structure

Matt Lewandowski
Northwestern University
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
11:00 am
Zoom Seminar
In this talk, I discuss some recent theoretical and data-driven developments in the EFT of large-scale structure (EFT of LSS).  First, I will discuss the description of baryonic (or star-formation) physics on large-scale clustering.  Upcoming large-scale structure surveys will likely become the next leading sources of cosmological information, making it crucial to have a precise understanding of the influence of baryons on cosmological observables.  The EFT of LSS provides a consistent way to predict the clustering of dark matter and baryons on large scales, where their leading corrections in perturbation theory are given by a simple and calculable functional form even after the onset of baryonic processes.  I will discuss the two-loop description of baryons, a new possible counterterm in the perturbative expansion, and the importance for using CMB lensing to constrain neutrino masses.  I will then discuss how we have used the EFT of LSS to obtain constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity using existing data, and how this is a promising sign for analyses of future surveys.
Yuri Shirman