Special Particle Physics Seminar: Supernemo, in the quest for the underlying bb-decay mechanism

Cedric Cerna
Laboratoire des 2 infinis in Bordeaux, France
Monday, September 26, 2022
10:30 am
NS2 1201
The SuperNEMO experiment will study  82Se to look for neutrinoless double beta decays, proof of the Majorana nature of neutrinos. SuperNEMO inherits the tracking-calorimetry technique of the NEMO-3 experiment, allowing for a clear determination of event kinematics, single electrons energy measurement and angles of emission, gamma coïncidence catching, while aiming for an improved background suppression. A demonstrator module is currently starting operation. The double beta emitting source, 7 kg of  82Se in thin foils, is surrounded by a 0.5 meter long helium tracking chamber with 2000 Geiger cells. A 4pi gamma catcher and electron calorimeter, made of plastic scintillators with an energy resolution of 7.8% (FWHM) at 1 MeV, surrounds the tracker. The ultra low radioactivity demonstrator is constructed and installed in the Modane Underground Laboratory in the Frejus Tunnel under the French–Italian Alps.
J. Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux