Lepton Number Violation: from Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay to Long-Lived Particle Searches

Shufang Su
University of Arizona
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
11:00 am
NS2 1201
Abstract: We study the complementary tests of lepton number violation in neutrinoless double beta decay experiments, long- lived particle (LLP) searches at the LHC main detectors ATLAS/CMS, and a proposed far detector MATHUSLA. In the context of a simplified model with a scalar doublet S and a Majorana fermion F, we show that while the neutrinoless double beta decay experiments can probe a larger portion of parameter space, the LLP searches can uniquely probe the region of smaller couplings and masses if S is at TeV scale while F is at or below the electroweak scale. We also investigate constraints on the parameter space from the existing searches that are insensitive to lepton number violation. 
Yuri Shirman