Neutrino Physics and Dark Matter Searches at the Forward Physics Facility at the LHC

Roshan Mammen Abraham
Oklahoma State University
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
2:00 pm
NS2 1201


The recent observation of collider neutrinos by the FASER collaboration

highlights the potential the forward direction at the LHC has for neutrino

physics. In the HL-LHC era, we expect a significant amount of neutrinos in the

forward direction, opening the way for precision studies using collider neutrinos

at the proposed Forward Physics Facility (FPF). In this talk, I will present some

phenomenological studies in this direction. i) The electromagnetic properties of

neutrinos (magnetic moments, milli-charge, charge radius) have attracted signif-

icant interest recently. We make use of the enhanced neutrino flux expected in

the HL-LHC era along with the sophisticated detectors at the FPF to constrain

these properties, as well as the weak mixing angle. ii) If a new sterile state

exists that couple to SM neutrino via the photon through a dipole portal, then

it will also leave a signature in these detectors via up-scattering. This allows

us to constrain the magnetic dipole moment interaction between SM neutrinos

and this new sterile state. Furthermore, these neutrino detectors can also be

used to probe some light dark matter models. We present some results in this



Yuri Shirman